The guiding principals and indispensable values behind our actions are…

Firstly, a profound bond towards our customers

The central focus of our actions is mainly reflected through outstanding and professional service towards our valuable customers. Our customers are the aim of our work ! We are not satisifed until our customer is fully pleased with our work - and for this, we stand with our good name BEKS SOCKS !

Secondly, a consistently guaranteed high product quality through targeted investments

A significant part of our turnover is dedicated to research and product development for maintaining our quality standards always at the highest possible level

Thirdly, a clear and precise focussing on goals

Relying on our professional know-how paired with active doing, our primary aim is to becoming global market leader in the socks and seamless production sector

Fourthly, promoting our employees with professional development programmes and training measures

We are deeply convinced that good production is mainly based on the skills and commitment of well-trained staff. Our company philosophy is hence to promote ongoing training and further education of our employees to ensure professionalism even for complex designs and patterns

..last but not least, the continous perpetuating of a holistic system of values - incl. core principals at all levels - related to nature, people, the individual and to society

Our farsighted action is based on deeply anchored, ethical principles related to the keeping and implemantation of ecological, social and individual values and norms. We are not satisifed with our work until the latter principals are fully and responsibly covered through our actions..