The Green Factory Certification

It is noteworthy to mention that Beks Socks & Seamless Underwear is listed among those companies within Turkey, which – referring to the so-called ECO FACTORY STANDARDS - have successfully passed all its exams resp. have properly complied with all its environmental regulations required. As a resut hereof Beks Socks was solemnly honoured with the renowned ECO FACTORY STANDARD – Certificate in 2014 accordingly.

Background information: The ECO FACTORY STANDARD – Certificate was originally based on a project called Plan A which was firstly initiated in 2007 by the company Marks & Spencer. By referring to its key terms Global Warming & Preventive Measures , Its primary aim was actually to eliminate ecologically harmful substances resp. to adhere to ecological standards worldwide. With its main objective of preventing global warming responsibly and ensuring a healthy tomorrow for the next generations to come, Plan A’s underlying philosophy was as follows :

‘Let’s please realize Plan A TODAY in order to sustain an eco-friendly World of Tomorrow… This is because there won’t be any Plan B anymore..!’

Central points of the ECO FACTORY STANDARDS which ought to be mentioned in the following, are for example the areas of sustainable energy audits & efficiency controls, the responsible use of natural & energy resources, further the ensuring of proper working thermal insulations, the responsible management of energy-saving lighting / thermal energy / water, and last but not least, also efficient emissions reductions as its most important measures...

It should be noted nevertheless that a general promoting resp. the maintenance of an ecological consciousness - among Western industrial nations and institutional companies - was firstly raised in the late 1990’s, unfortunately. One of the most deciding factors for fostering such a change of attitudes was primarily the realization and insight by Western companies, that a sustained and successful continuation of their businesses - resp. reliable expansions - could only be ensured by acting in an environmentally responsible manner.

Referring back to our company, it should therefore be highlighted that in all its production steps – i.e. starting from the design phase through to mass production - Beks Socks is always very conscious of its social role relating to responsible actions towards nature, society and people.

In our view, and for a number of reasons, we stand by the fact that ECO-STANDARDS must be globally affirmed and defended in terms of sustainable environmental consciousness.