Some informations relating to the closing of a sock’s toe & details regarding SbyS-Machinery

The closing of the sock’s toe is actually one of the most important work processes, which is why it should be given particular attention to ensuring always the best results. The toe closing can be either made in a manual way, whereby we clearly have to note that this method would also make it necessary to involve a worker for the closing process. Or, on the other hand, the sock’s toe can simply be closed as well by means of modern SbyS-machinery, whereby this method would not require an additional worker anymore as the toe closing process is automatically carried out by the SbyS-sock-machine.

In case that the toe closing shall be carried out manually, the procedure goes as follows: The unfinished sock ( i.e. the toe still being open ! ) is taken from the sock-knitting-machine and will be forwarded to another machine - the so-called Rosso-machine -, where the toe will then be finally sewn together. In this context, it must be noted again that this procedure, however, also involves the use of the worker’s hands for fixing the sock’s nose at the Rosso-machine properly. This method described is generally known as the so-called Rosso-seam.

By using modern SbyS-machinery, however, also the sock’s toe closing is automatically integrated within the whole sock’s manufacturing process which is why - in the last 5 years - this new SbyS-technology, indeed, revolutionized conventional production processes that were being used up to then. Therefore it must be stated that toe closing by machine is actually the most effective way as it is done directly at the sock production stage. Based on its higher-quality finishing effect the SbyS-toe-seam is also of better quality (when compared with the conventional Rosso-seam ), because it ensures a good flat seam, better functionality and also greater comfort to their wearer.

We would like to inform you that - over the last couple of years -, we purchased 600 of such SbyS-machines for the purpose of increasing the quality of our products and in order to meet customer demands at the best and in the future !