Our mission and philosophy

Our mission is..

  • to be forward-looking and open minded towards all new developments resp. innovations relating to our business
  • to continue working towards the goal of producing environmentally friendly commodities
  • to ensure that human health is not affected while wearing our products
  • to maintain the working morale and contendedness of our employees in a constructive manner in order to ensure the best possible work atmosphere
  • to fulfill all our customers’ wishes and meet their unique requirements to a considerable degree and in compliance with international standards
  • to give our valuable customers the best service they deserve and – by relying on our highly technical plants – always provide them the kind of quality they’re looking for
  • to instruct, train and educate our staff appropriately in all corporate areas and always to the highest professional standards
  • to keep on producing environmentally-friendly resp. acting responsibly and transparently towards nature and people
  • to be always one step ahead the competitors
  • to provide to our valuable customers the best quality at the best prices, conditions and the shortest delivery times possible while constantly maintaining high standards in production

Our philosophy includes…

  • anticipating customer needs, acting adequately before frustrating situations may arise and optimizing processes appropriately in order to fulfill all customers’ expectations of quality placed in us
  • striving constantly for one goal, namely to produce always the Best and the Better..!
  • fulfilling also our staff’s expectations placed in us by recognizing problems already at an early stage and solving them constructively on time
  • sharing also success together !
  • being open for all aspects concering transparency, research & development, wishes, critics and ideas
  • showing experience and professionalism in every practical facet with regard to the world of hosiery products
  • acting responsibly and respectfully towards nature and people on every step of the production process