Our certificates at a glance..

Within the scope of our work activities we successfully obtained the following certificates up to now : BSCI, SEDEX, OEKOTEKS, GSV, CPI2, M&S ( Green-Factory-Certificate )

Regarding undesired metals..

Our practice regarding the appropriate handling and elimination of undesired metals ( e.g. needles, pins, small splinters of needle, metal clips etc. ) encompasses the following preventive measures :

  • In particular, we carefully ensure that all our products don’t contain any kind of undesired metals and that they are being sent completely splinter-free. For this purpose we inform, instruct and train our employees appropriately and right from the beginning…
  • Starting with the importing of raw materials up to the finished products’ final delivery to the customer, our behaviour is primarily aimed at ensuring the protection of the health of human beings in accordance with our company philosophy. That’s why we try to make sure right from the start, that - throughout the entire working and production process - the possibility of any risks occurring can be almost fully excluded. With the latter in mind, we therefore also purchased the technically most suitable devices and equipments - being currently available on the market - in order to detect even the smallest metal splinters or needles in line with the quality and security expectations of our customers. Our equipments and machinery are kept up-to-date through regular repairs, maintenance and modernisations, of course.

Furthermore, we also ensure that all our employees regularly participate in trainings and seminars in order to give product safety the priority and the importance it deserves – for this, we also guarantee with our good name !