Company Profile

With a total of 200.000 square meters our company’s premises are situated in the industrial area of Çerkezköy - a city in the Tekirdağ Province of Turkish Thrace -, which is located in the European part of Turkey close to the border with Greece.

Since the year 1975 Beks Socks & Seamless Underwear has been successfully offering its valuable services in the fields of socks, hosiery products and seamless underwear on the international market and always in compliance with customer requirements. Based on a sophisticated holistic system - that combines and covers all necessary production steps and aspects in an integrative and all-embracing way, we’re proud to highlight the fact that all required raw materials are purchased by ourselves in order to be then further processed in our dyeing kitchen, afterwards evaluated in our laboratory until they are finally released for ultimate manufacturing. Moreover, all product-related development and designs are also worked out internally and are finally implemented in our own plants, too. By this means, all necessary production steps are combined in the most efficient and holistic manner.

Meanwhile, we transmit and market our know-how and philosophy to over 35 countries, which are delivered reliably with our high-quality products throughout the whole year. With over 2.000 motivated employees we are proud to emphasize that – regarding this sector & business – we are among the best producers and suppliers in the world.

In views of climate change we’d like to mention further that we place great emphasis on producing in an environment-conscious manner resp. conserving resources preventively, as we know that – without acting responsibly towards nature now and today - there will be no chance anymore for ensuring a healthy tomorrow…

That’s why it is worth noting that - due to our environmentally conscious corporate activites - we’ve been awarded with the renowned Green-Factory-Certificate, that effectively speaks for the quality and work of our company.

Our overall aim, in general, is to further expand our leading role and business activities in the fields of socks and seamless underwear, and we’re convinced that we will reach this goal by supporting our partners every step of the way…